The Mobbs

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From the heart England, The Mobbs play garage punk with an infectious ferocity second to none. With an arsenal of influences from the mono-tones of 1960s British Beat to a full on undertone of funked up rhythm & blues, The Mobbs play a Wilko Johnson infused Billy Childish explosion, with a rocket full of ideas inspired by contemporary cult English bands such as The Masonics, and a massive dose of live energy derived from the likes of King Salami & The Cumberland 3!

In the past few years The Mobbs have released four albums and two 7"s and have been played on many radio stations including BBC 6Music, XFM and Absolute Radio. The Mobbs are currently promoting their latest album "Garage Punk For Boys" across the UK and Europe.


Saturday 27th February
The Good Ship, London
Saturday 19th March
The Horseshoe, Wellingborough
Friday 15th April
TBC, Northampton
Friday 29th April
Munster Raving Looney Party, Spain
Saturday 30th April
Cactus Club, Spain
Saturday 25th June
Fulford Arms, York


The Mobbs - Garage Punk For Boys CD

The Mobbs latest album contains 14 tracks to pleasure your ear drums! This is the first time The Bishop has been recorded on tape and you won't be disappointed by the result!

£5 + 

The Mobbs - Ruby Sol / White Collar Worker - split 7" EP

The Mobbs 1st 7" EP contains 2 tracks from their album Stiff Upper Lip & Trousers To Match and two previously unreleased tracks.

£5 + 

The Mobbs - Stiff Upper Lip & Trousers To Match - CD LP

"Bursting with retro energy, Northampton trio The Mobbs sum up everything we love about proper British bands."

£3 + 

It's... The Mobbs - CD LP

The Mobbs first album released on BBrex - available on CD and all good download stores.

£3 + 

Mobbs Tote Bags

Never be without a place to store your Mobbs CDs again with these brand new Mobbs tote bags

£7 + 

Jolly Good - 7" Vinyl SP

Jolly Good and Muck 'n' Bullets make up The Mobbs first 7" single release on BBRex.

£3 + 
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Little Miss Twisted Gut Live at The Guilty Boat Party - Venice Old Square Eyes
Well Well at the Nachtsalon - Marburg Bully! Better The Devil You Know

This is a sound only Brits could make. And they make it so well.

You can probably guess from the album title that the band have a rather splendid Britishness about them, not only in their lyrical content but with an image to match, with their proud, but slightly dubious, boast that they have been responsible for a "250% increase in sales of cravats and moustache combs".
Retro Man Blog

...a nonstop party comprised of sonic blasts and rave ups, with an occasional dash of Monty Pythonesque humor adding to the fun.
Broken Hearted Toy

Thunderous debut single on bb rex from a rocket fuelled three piece called the mobbs featuring the two tracks 'jolly good!' and 'muck 'n' bullets'. it's a kinda' garagey, buff medways, 60's roller that gets straight to the point. do not miss.
Rough Trade Records

Enjoying the album. Good work!
Dave Gorman - Twitter

You can fit a lot into just 81 seconds. Just ask Northampton trio The Mobbs. On their debut single, "Jolly Good", the group manage to fit in a massive Clash-esque punk riff, three verses and a guitar solo in their own idiosyncratic style. It also marks the first time I've heard the word 'nonchalant' used successfully in a rock song.
The Metaphorical Boat

Bursting with retro energy, Northampton trio The Mobbs sum up everything we love about proper British bands.
No Borders iPad Magazine